About Me

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  • University of Pennsylvania State, Fall 2021
  • Schreyer Honors College
  • Major: Information Sciences and Technology
  • Minor: Security and Risk Analysis
  • GPA: 3.87

Work Experience

  • Incoming Software Engineer Intern at Pfizer
  • Systems Engineer Intern at Rajant Corporation
  • Learning Assistant Coordinator at IST Penn State
  • Java Learning Asssitant at IST Penn State
  • Security & Risk Anaylsis Istructional Asssitant at IST Penn State


  • Co-Founder and President of Emerging Technologies Club
  • Learning Assistant Coordinator for Intermediate Java Courses
  • Lead Learning Assistant for Security and Risk Analysis Course

Programming Languages & Frameworks

  • Python
  • Java
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • SQL
  • Webcomponents and Bootstrap
  • Bash

Relevent Technologies

  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Git, Github, GitLabs
  • MongoDB
  • Postman
  • VS Code

Operating Systems

  • Linux Distros (preferred):
  • Fedora, Ubuntu
  • Various Windows OS's
  • Basic Mac OS Knowledge

Course Work

  • Python Algorithms, Databses & SQL
  • Object Oriented Design, Emerging Technology
  • Networking, Leadership in Technology
  • Java Object Oriented Programming
  • Information Security, Discrete Mathmatics


  • Deans List: FA18, SP19, FA19
  • Schryer Honors College Admission
  • Richard C. Assetto Scholorship
  • Robert and Tammy Morgan Trustee Scholorship
  • Hendrickson Family Trustee Scholarship Scholorship

Honors Work

  • Java Generics Application with Dr. Fred Fonseca
  • Socks Proxy Lab for David Hozza, CISSP
  • Open Source Web Component Development with Bryan Ollendyke
  • Thesis Development with Marc Friedenburg J.D. M.S.
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